About us

Jahns Regulatoren was founded in 1905 as specialist for manufacturing of controllers for any kind of power machines. Founders of company Jahns were: Engineer Wilhelm Jahns, who was the owner of patents for controllers, the merchant Carl Seidel and some silent partners.

Jahns Regulatoren is owned since 1928 by the families Dapp/Sauerwein. Beginning of this time the production of axial piston pumps for presses and rudder engines started. Also controllers for water turbines were a major part of the Jahns production program.

In the 70s of the last century Jahns enlarged the  product portfolio with radial piston motors. Those are used for driving heavy equipment, forging manipulators, rubber injection machines and plant construction. The first NC machines were integrated in the manufacturing operations to keep cost efficiency.

In 1986 Jahns started trading activities in hydraulics and drive technology. The product development is always in collaboration with our customers. This is significant with our flow dividers and volume synchronizers were we could offer a nearly complete range. Jahns customers in this area are almost all important hydraulic companies in Germany.

In May 2000 Jahns took over the production of radial pumps, submerged pumps and mixers from  ABG. Those products are primarily used in the chemical industry and process engineering. The in-house production depth guarantees additional workload.

Jahns focus is not fast growth. Our philosophy is continuity, quality and loyalty against customers and employees.