Internship at Jahns

We would like to offer internships to mechanical engineering students (Diplom, Master and Bachelor) to deepen their knowledge and combine theoretical education with practical experience. Our expectation into the internship is an intensive and open exchange in knowledge and ideas to create value for both parties. 

Our internships are offered in the following departments:


Research and Development

You will be part of our R&D team.

You will be integrated in constructional processes for our customers and production, customer related documentation, optimization of existing and development of new components/products.


Production Planning

You will be part of our production planning team.

A very close relation between order processing, purchasing and the different parts of our production guarantees efficient working processes and on-time supply of manufacturing and assembling parts which leads to our high adherence to our delivery dates.



You will be part of our teams for pre- and final assembly of single parts and small batches. 

You will deepen your insight in the assembly processes for our synchronization products (flow dividers and volume synchronizers), the assembly of hydromotors (radial piston and vane motors) and the final testing on our test benches.

(You will also get some insight in our products for chemical engineering.) 


Project related 

You will be a part of one of our project teams.

We offer in accordance with and by the lead of the project managers participance in the project management processes. If possible you will have the chance to be the project manager of your own sub-project.