Drive Solutions


Radial Piston motors

The radial piston motors in the HMF, HMT, HMV, HMs and HMw  series all have fixed displacements. Speed is dependent on the feeded flow and torque by the applied pressure. The motors can be combined with hydraulic ventilable brakes and/or planetary gear reducers.

In a radial piston motor, the 5 or 7 cylinders are arranged around the drive shaft in a star-like pattern. The displacement is a combination of the number of pistons, the piston area and the excentricity of the driving shaft. With radial piston motors high volumentric and mechanical efficiencies are achieved.

Vane Motors

The sealing principle of vane motors are radially-arranged guidance rails were the vanes separate the individual pressure fields. The displacement is defined by the vane slot depth and the width of the rotary piston. Vane motors in the MDS2 series can be set to 3 different constant displacements


Drive Soltuions

Planetary Gear Reducers

Coaxial and angular planetary gear reducers

26 sizes up to 1,200,000 Nm / 885,000 lbs-ft  / 10,620,000 lbs-in available.

The gearbox output shafts are available in splined, splined hollow, keyed versions or for usage with shrink disc.

Available accessories for the output side are cylindrical bushings, endplates, special flanges, bevel pinions, splined shafts and shrink discs. 

The input side is available with keyed shafts for belt drives, hydraulic disk brakes and adaptors for hydraulic and electric motors.

The planetary gear reducers are also available in foot-mounted versions.

Planetary gear reducers